The probiotic that enriches your life

The intestine contains more than 100 trillion micro-organisms, protects against viruses, provides energy, removes waste products, contains the same neurotransmitters as those found in the brain, produces serotonin and houses over 80% of the immune system. Progurt Probiotic Bags are a 100% natural, extremely powerful, isolated human probiotic designed to support the health of the digestive tract and rebalance the intestinal flora. Each sachet has a capacity of 1000 billion KbE of beneficial bacteria. Progurt Probiotic Bags are water-soluble and contain several Human Probiotic Isolates identical to those found in a healthy human intestine at birth. This confirms the potent effectiveness of Progurt compared to other probiotics. The purest, fastest acting, most powerful probiotic available on the market.

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