The intestinal flora after antibiotic therapy

After taking antibiotics, the normal intestinal flora is disturbed. With the Progurt Probiotic Bag the intestinal flora can be easily regenerated after such a therapy. Each bag contains a powerful dosage and can be dissolved in water or freshly squeezed juice. With a capacity of 1000 billion KbE. CFU of useful bacteria - equivalent to 40 times the capacity of a capsule from well-known, leading manufacturers (* 25 billion KbE) - each probiotic sachet represents the perfect way to restore the bacteria of the intestinal flora. The natural balance in the gastro-intestinal tract is not disturbed.

With Progurt's proprietary Human Probiotic Isolates (HPI), you can be sure that you will not include animal bacteria in your microbiome.

Because what it says on the label is good for you.