Progurt has been a partner of the Cologne List® since summer 2020

The Cologne List® is an initiative from the world of sport and carries food supplements with a minimised risk of doping.

During the production of food supplements, doping substances can unintentionally get into the products due to errors in the production process or these substances are added deliberately by the manufacturer during production. This can be a danger for athletes.

The Cologne List® therefore offers athletes and companies an independent service platform on which information is published transparently to increase security for both sides.

In 2019 the Cologne List® will continue to be the first and largest doping prevention platform for dietary supplements worldwide. The service for test pool athletes will be successively expanded with the professional support of NADA prevention. In this way, doping traps and health hazards can be minimised in the interest of all parties involved.

The inclusion of Progurt on the Cologne List® means that our Progurt products can also be used without hesitation in top-class sport and by professionals.

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