How should I take Progurt? What are the other Progurt products good for?

Protocols: Depending on the health condition of the individual, there are 2 x initial protocols.

1. Protocol for mild gut dysbiosis
Product: Probiotic 5 Pack

Time: 1 week
Probiotic Sachets - 1 x Probiotic Sachet in 200ml (7oz) of water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, for 5 days.

After initial 5 day protocol, review to see if longer protocol is required.

2. Protocol for major gut dysbiosis
Product: 1 x 15 sachet or Progurt probiotics, 1 x pack of PH Caps, 1 x bottle of Chloride, 1x bottle of Prebiotic 

Time: 4-8 weeks

First 7 days

PH Caps - Optimise gut pH.
5 x Caps with 200ml (7oz) of water. 3 x daily. Before, during or after meals.

Chloride - Rehydrate and Remineralise.

30 x drops in 200ml (7oz) of water. 2 x daily. Between meals for better absorption.

Prebiotic - Stimulate your Microbiota.

2 to 5 x teaspoons with any food or drink you’d like to sweeten.
After 7 days, begin Probiotic Sachets. And continue with Chloride and Prebiotic.

Probiotic Sachets - Restore your microbiota.

1 x Sachet in 200ml (7oz) of water. Every morning, for 7 days. Then 1 x Probiotic Sachet, every third morning for 2 weeks. Then 1 x Probiotic Sachet, once per week, until pack is finished.
Sequence is - Probiotic Sachets first thing in the morning. PH Capsules and Prebiotic throughout the day and evening. Chloride in the afternoon and evening.