About us


Balz & Rolf offers a range of products of highest quality. Our mission is to offer a unique range of health products that inspire people to live healthy and active lifestyles. Handpicked and selected, we can stand behind each product 100%, both in terms of ingredients and its origins. For you and your health.


Balz and Rolf

Balz: «I want to sell healthy products. As with a good design draft, simple and good is a task that is not always easy to accomplish. It's a challenge to find a product that doesn't contain anything unnecessary, but once we find such labels, we want to make them accessible to everyone".

Rolf: «I was tired of having more additives in some products than the product itself, so I started looking more closely. I like to look for brands and products that are hard to find, healthy and safe – all the testing and analysis is just fun".